Welcome to Surf & Turf Instant Shelters: The UK’s leading supplier of customised shelters, gazebos, marquees, and an array of event branded products and accessories that stand out in any crowd.

A family run business with over two decades of industry experience, we are the undisputed leaders in delivering shelter solutions that not only catch the eyes of passers-by but also shield you from all weathers with unmatched style and durability.

Unleash Your Brand at Events:

Events are vibrant opportunities teeming with potential, but without the right cover and accessories, your brand could easily go unnoticed or be dampened by unforeseen weather.

Surf & Turf, with our 20 years plus of expertise, has been the go-to partner for clients looking to shine at trade shows, conferences, business expos, festivals, markets, pop up shops and events alike.

Our extensive range of custom printed instant shelters, gazebos, marquees, and accompanying accessories are designed to ensure your brand makes a lasting impact.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs:

At Surf & Turf, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why our shelter and branding solutions come in a wide range of sizes to help tailor to the specific needs of your event or organization.

Our shelters are not just robust and easy to assemble, but they also come with custom printing and branding options, ensuring they become the focal point that draws the attention of your event’s attendees.

Superior Service, Superior Shelters:

We pride ourselves not only on delivering fantastic products but also on providing a superior service. From our sales team to our in-house design & print studio we are committed to elevating your brand’s presence at every event.

Let Surf & Turf be the catalyst for your brand’s success at all your events. Our shelters and accessories are not just functional; they are a statement – a statement that your brand is here to make a lasting impression. Experience the Surf & Turf difference with lasting staying power.

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