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Clever Ways To Maximise Footfall At Your Next Event

The very mention of an exhibition or trade show can raise the hairs on the back of many a business owner. But it’s a lucrative opportunity to really sell your creative spirit, and engage with people on a basic, human level. In the run-up to an event, you’ll probably fret about how many delegates will evolve into actual prospects that’ll get in touch once everything’s said and done. To land you the best chance of success, we’ve come up with some tactics to get you noticed once that first stand raises off the floor…  All signs point to you Signage is a tried-and-trusted friend to the intelligent event planner. Some eye-catching banners, flanking the general route to your stand, will seem like a gateway announcing your intent from the off. Standing banners are great for presenting a few key points below a predominant logo design, especially with photographs to show your work in action. Signage should be bold and clear as they stroll towards you. Aim for bright backgrounds that don’t make text illegible, and consider quirky phrases – ‘proximity to heaven: 5 metres’ for a cake exhibit, perhaps – that might heighten interest. The brand is everywhere Now, this doesn’t have to mean emblazoning every piece of your event kit with the same brand template. Although bespoke instant shelters can look incredible with prints that announce your brand far and wide, delegates will appreciate consistency that leaves a little wiggle room for invention. So think: how many permutations can my brand go through before it loses its essence? Leaflets and flyers, for example, can present your venture’s characteristics to a greater degree than a banner ad. Consider how reading material can look and feel, as well as stationery items or goodie bags fused to your brand’s inherent personality. Lighting up a storm Although outdoor events have been a staple of market, corporate, and sporting calendars for decades, many exhibitors are just getting used to the potential of shelter lighting features for drawing in a crowd. Now that LED fixtures are squarely settling in to an exhibitor’s arsenal of tricks, there’s no better time to shine your brand into the eyes of all who visit you. Surf & Turf’s range of LED accessories can transform a typical events shelter into a beacon of interest and excitement. Like a firefly awaiting the crack of creative thunder, your exhibition will have an added edge, literally blinding the competition with an inviting, futurist glow. Have a look at our full selection of LED items, which can be attached to any of our instant shelters for an amazing, luminous quality. These are just some of the methods a savvy stand manager can employ to reign in heads and hearts. With a bit of help, and the right items at your side, you won’t fail to translate interest into hard cash. Browse Surf & Turf’s entire collection of inflatables, signage and printing options, or contact us for expert events support.

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