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How To Perfect Your Motorsport Paddock

Behind every racing champion is a talented team. For every Sebastien Loeb, Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi, there’s a set of dexterous hands at work, building and maintaining the vehicles that put these drivers on the podiums. Surf & Turf supply the kind of outstanding equipment that accelerates, facilitates and enhances motorsport construction/repair. A smartly stocked enclosure is essential to racing success, and our products are designed specifically to help you set up a paddock that screams “winner”. Remember, a superior workspace always gives your driver a better chance of seeing that chequered flag before anybody else… Grand Prix Workbench The Grand Prix Workbench separates those who talk the torque from those who walk the walk. Available in 2 different sizes (1.2 and 1.8m), these resilient, robust counters offer you a suitable surface for stowing items and tinkering with parts. Ideal for karting, MX and motorsport events, these portable pit benches fold flat quickly and easily, fitted with tough steel worktops, zinc-coated box sections, and three shelves for storing multiple products. Paddock Bench A real industry favourite, Surf & Turf Paddock Benches have been used by MX GP world teams for several years, functioning as dependable tool storage spots (no matter what vehicle you might be revving up). Manufactured with galvanised steel, these paddock benches also arrive with specially designed legs; ensuring maximum stability when upright but folding flat at a moment’s notice. At 80 x 93 x 44cm, these benches are compact enough to fit comfortably below any expo/event shelter, yet spacious enough to accommodate most toolboxes. Director’s Chair Whether you’re a racing driver, vehicle tuner or promo pusher at a motorsport event, it’s crucial to keep your body in the best possible shape so you can ensure optimum performance. Practice and a healthy diet go a long way, but taking care of your physique also involves using seats that adequately support your back and frame. Built with top-rate aluminium material, an extra-large seat and a cushioned backrest, the Director’s Chair is the perfect solution for motorsports expos and events. One of the biggest and most comfortable seats of its kind on the market, this chair is also available in multiple colours, allowing you to deck out your paddock with a shaded seat that matches your brand/racing gear. When it comes to creating a premium paddock for any motorsport event, it’s crucial to have equipment on hand that can help both you and your team yield success. If you’re looking for great guidance on racing event accessories, all you need to do is get in touch with the Surf & Turf team on 01925 819608. We’d be delighted to answer any questions. There’s nothing we’d love more than to help you turn your racing workstation into the place where medals are made.