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Ways To Bring Your Shelter Into The 21st Century

You daren’t risk looking outdated at an expo these days. Appearances matter, and when your organisation sports a dated front, the product you’re peddling won’t receive the recognition it deserves. Unfortunately, if there’s a similar stand with a more modern look in the vicinity, guests won’t pay a second glance to yours. That’s why it’s so essential to ensure your shelter shouts 21st century. At Surf & Turf, we stock a whole range of supplies that reflect modern tastes, helping you to build a branded stall that never fails to turn heads. Here are just a few things you can do to create the perfect shelter. Pick a state-of-the-art sound system… …and show you’re in tune with modern surroundings. Staying tech-friendly will help you appeal to the digital crowd, and one of the very best ways to project this image is by grabbing a superb sound system. With crisp, ear-catching noise floating from your shelter, you’ll quickly be recognised as the heart and soul of the event. A sound system means you’re free to play music, make announcements, or even run audio adverts in the background. People simply won’t be able to resist wandering over to take a look. Light things up… …and attract customers to your tent like moths to lightbulbs. Vibrancy has always been appealing to consumers, but even more so in the modern climate. With advanced LED lighting, you can show off your branding in a loud and proud manner. Whatever the nature of the event, you’re sure to stand out. We have various LED lighting solutions available for right here at Surf & Turf. Designed for use in conjunction with any of our instant shelters, these LEDs can pour light into the surrounding area at various angles, enabling you to achieve the exact effect you desire. They’re also long-lasting, durable and cost-effective, drawing on less than 30 watts of power. Don’t be a square… …take a three-dimensional approach to your shelter with an impact cube instead. These visually-stunning inflatable structures are a perfect solution or accompaniment for any modern shelter, functioning as unconventional yet alluring branding boxes. Constructed with PVC floors and frameworks, our colourful impact cubes offer three large panes on which to plaster messages and images. The final pane offers an entrance point into the box itself, allowing you to prop up stands or store memorabilia inside. Models are available in various shades and sizes for maximum effect. It’s interactive advertising at its very best. Get in touch with Surf & Turf today for more guidance on how to push your shelter into the 21st century. If you have questions about any of our products or where you might be able to find particular items, our team will do their very best to help you.