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Picking The Perfect Events Package

Is there a formula for nailing your event plan? Whilst we can’t claim the same kit works for everyone, there is a benefit to choosing one of Surf & Turf’s Instant Shelter packages. They are an affordable, generous core to your exhibition. Each has been wrapped up for certain needs over others; the question is, which one’s right for you?   With that in mind, we’d like to clear a few things up regarding the packages we offer. There are four Surf & Turf bumper deals to explore – here, we’re going through each of them, gauging their personality in turn. 1. Fully Printed Your basic Instant Shelter setup has to do three things. First it must lend a safe, protective space for delegates and exhibitors. Second, it has to withstand harsh weather outdoors. And lastly, the shelter is a statement for your brand – every inch of the canopy is a potential marketing tool. Our Fully Printed deal gives this last point plenty of focus. You get a Canopro Lite or Elite shelter design, with four, single-side-printed walls that display whatever logos or imagery you want. Small businesses will find it useful in a packed exhibition, where there’s limited room for more extensive promotional aids. 2. MX Package Motorsport teams will be keen to take on the next in our Instant Shelter collection. Unequivocally, the MX Package is the best choice for dirt tracks, races, cross-country sprints and vehicle demonstrations in the sun, wind or rain. You’ll still have a digitally-printed rear wall, but it comes with a blockout feature. Half-walls at the side are more useful for getting a view of the action, whilst a Surf & Turf anchor kit ensures everything is pinned down, even in the most extreme conditions. The Canopro Elite version starts at an extra £90 from the previous pick. 3. Impact Package For those with a little more cash to spare, why not upgrade your brand’s reach and visibility? The Impact deal plants a Centre Peak Flag on top of your Instant Shelter. It’ll flutter proudly above your main visuals, guiding people to the stand from afar. Granted, it’s a small touch, but the repercussions can have a big effect on who remembers your name when they leave the event grounds. Just like the side walls, our flags are totally bespoke: tell us what you require, whilst making use of the same broad options in the Fully Printed offer. 4. Instant Event Medium and larger-sized brands will have a (literal) field day with the Instant Event grouping. Prices range – same as the Impact – from £1,349 to almost £2,500. The cost, though, pays off substantially, as you get four digitally-branded side walls, a canopy, the anchor tools and two Feather Flags or Teardrop Banners. That means you’ll be causing a serious promotional stir. Culinary, fashion, health and tech brands can all leap into the Instant Event Package’s expository advantages. The twin flag attack is not to be sniffed at, especially since it’s customisable for a ground-level or raised installation. We want to give every customer the best Instant Shelter deal for them. Call our experts today for advice, if you haven’t run into the perfect match quite yet.

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