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Blow Up Your Brand This Summer With Inflatables

With such a vast range of event kit options to boost exposure for your brand, it’s difficult to determine what’ll be most effective for your organisation. A traditional instant shelter is certain to draw crowds, but have you considered the influence of inflatables? They’ve proven successful time and time again at blowing up a brand’s awareness in spectacular fashion. We’ve put together just some of the ways that they’ll prove beneficial when it comes to inflating your business’ impact this summer. Add an element of fun to an event When you think of inflatables, your mind automatically goes to bouncy castles and balloons, both of which are associated with summertime events and celebrations. Attendees will notice your brand as the one that’s bringing the fun in the sunshine, meaning there’s no chance of it being forgotten. If you want to liven it up even more, illuminate the entire exhibition with an inflatable light tube – perfect for producing a lively atmosphere and promoting your brand long into the summer evening. Attract attendees to your stand Quite simply, inflatables stand out – so people naturally gravitate towards them. Your presence at the event will be maximised, with your brand staying firmly in their minds long afterwards. And no one will have trouble navigating their way to you – the inflatables will quite literally put your brand a head above the rest. You can even use inflatable arches to guide attendees to the entrance of your stand. Show off your branding Opt for customised branding to make the most of the attention-seeking inflatables, whether you require simple printing or full flood photographic sublimation. Your organisation will catch the eyes of all passers-by, broadcasting its messages to the masses. If your organisation needs to regularly switch branding or messaging, the interchangeable printed door panels of the inflatable spider dome make it an ideal choice for different campaigns or brands. Defence against all weathers You’ll be shielded come rain or shine. Our inflatable awning is waterproof, or you can use the GYBE inflatable star tent, which is not only a great structure to keep sheltered under, but also incredibly eye-catching. If you’re worried about heat causing inflatables to over expand, all our sealed domes have inflation pressure release valves for additional protection. Strength in all situations Inflatables may be a lightweight solution, but this won’t cause wind to be a worry. The strong GYBE inflatable tents are made from rip-stop Dacron material, and the inflatable arches come with tie downs and sand weights to keep it steady. And if you’ve got a weekend event, choose an inflatable to last the test of time – the spider dome seals air for up to two days so you won’t need to reinflate. Whichever inflatable you opt for, using them at your event is sure to blow up your brand in no time. To find out more about the items that’ll amplify your impact, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email

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