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Align Your Brand Ahead Of Your Next Exhibition

There’s little more that’s detrimental to a brand than its assets pulling in different directions. If your company image is pieced together by several reworkings of logos and colours, you’ll appear outdated and lack credibility. Your message has to be consistent in everything you do as a business. This can range from digital marketing to your stand at an exhibition. Visitors don’t just use branding to recognise who a business is, they also use it to make an assumption on the quality of its products and services. In this article, we discuss the benefit of aligning your marketing ahead of events and exhibitions. Give an impression of quality If you want your service to be considered a luxury or to demonstrate a high-value product, your presence at the event needs to match. For example, a premium legal team will need to match their service costs with an appropriate exhibition display. In this case, our Regal Shelters would upgrade your image to one of royalty and leave an impression on visitors that implies wealth and success. On the other hand, if the image that you want to get across is one of hard-working and matter-of-fact practicality, then you may wish to have a more fundamental display. Take our Superlite Shelter for instance, available in three colours and lightweight so you can take it to any event with ease. What’s most important here is that you’re matching perceived value with the actual cost of your service, so people engage with you at the event. Don’t confuse audiences Sales can also be damaged through the mixing and matching of event branding. All promotional material may be of good quality, but if it doesn’t present a coherent message then leads will be uncertain of who you are or what you offer. That isn’t to say you can’t promote multiple products at an exhibition – just ensure each one is assigned a dedicated space and that it ties back to the business thematically. When exhibiting, sky banners are useful in displaying the core brand as it creates an entrance to the stand. They are also ideal for long-distance exposure and could draw in attendees who wouldn’t otherwise have been interested in visiting. Surrounding this, promotional roller banners can be placed, individually outlining specific services or products. This organised approach helps audiences identify who you are and what your benefits are. Create a journey The biggest successes at exhibitions and events are those who consider the journey that visitors take, how they experience the brand and the message they leave behind. Structuring your branding so you curate this experience is a great way of increasing event engagement. Teardrop banners can be positioned to welcome visitors into your stand and can detail elements of your brand as prospects approach your event team. Printed using the latest in dye sublimation technology and with the ability to cover any size of table, you can mark the visitor’s final destination with our promotional printed table cloths. Now that you’ve attracted your target audience, keep reminding them throughout your conversation of why they’re talking to you and the benefit of using your business. Hit the ground running this exhibition season by funnelling traffic to your stands. Surf & Turf have the tools to help you create customer journeys that deliver results. Don’t rely on simple attendance for sales – unify your marketing efforts to focus your brand and ensure event success. Get in touch on 01925 819608 or email to find out how we can support you.

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