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4 Ways To Rebrand Your Business Through Promotional Material

Nobody wants to become just part of the furniture at events. But if your brand begins to stagnate, customers may get fatigued. An organisation that regularly attends exhibitions or shows with the same stall, colours and marketing collateral will lose traffic. That’s why so many organisations routinely mix things up in order to attract new prospects. Sometimes a business outgrows its current branding – their scale and service offering has developed to the point where it needs to be represented in a different way. However, it’s easy to understand why some are reluctant: rebranding is expensive. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to brand building on a budget! Using promotional materials at events, you can leave an impression on visitors without the cost of a full company image revamp. 1. Bring class to your catering Food stall? We’ve got you covered. Our café barriers take your business from market stand to small business with easy-to-link posts and banner. Obviously, your food is your brand; the meal is what guests will remember, but luring them in is no small task! By choosing our café barriers, you can advertise your offering in a way that matches the excellence of your meals. With no tools required for installation and available in either a chrome or black finish, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving that esteemed restaurant image your dishes deserve. As they can be fully printed upon, you can even add your menu to its display, making your product accessible, convenient and straightforward – all attributes you would like your brand to be associated with. 2. Show a lighter side It can be hard to capture ‘fun’. Brands associated with childcare or sports often struggle to meet the demand of audience expectation. Event spaces that are splattered with bright colours can appear tacky, and so exhibitors are left in the dark when trying to appeal to enthusiastic prospects that are keen to be entertained. While your event team can go a long way to creating a fun atmosphere, our inflatable light tubes are great for turning heads. Together, your branding and our unique brand beacon makes for curious attendees. By covering our light tube with your service offering, your team can demonstrate what else sets you apart from your surroundings. 3. Become a rainy-day solution Nobody wants to talk business in the rain. The prospect of having to trudge around exhibitions, wet and cold with all the goodies you picked up getting damp, appeals to no one. On days like this, bring prospects to you by using a product that offers an immediate benefit: a parasol. Lightweight and with no rust or paint flake, our parasols retain their fresh aesthetic all year round. Nothing says secure service like branding written on an umbrella in the rain. Its water and UV resistance with complete branding capability also means that your business will be seen as the ideal solution for prospective customers’ problems – without costing a fortune in design fees. 4. Add a touch of royalty Some products have to be perceived as luxury items, high in value and priced to match. If you provide a service or sell a product where this is the case, then you need a stall that captures your worth. Cheaper businesses may escape the judgement, but you’re asking your audience not just to buy into your product, but also your brand. Our Regal Instant Shelter leaves an impression your guests won’t soon forget. With scalloped canopy and curtains, your business looks fit for a king! If you want to change your branding to match an increase in price or quality, you’ll struggle to find a more functional yet stylish stand. If you’re searching for a new image and haven’t the funds to create it, let Surf & Turf help. Our team are more than happy to guide you through your transformation and can suggest the best ways to brand on a budget.      

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