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Step into Christmas: Everything you need for festive get-togethers and NYE events

After last year’s Christmas no-show, we’re ready to make Christmas 2021 the best one yet. Forget cosy nights inside by the fire—this Christmas is all about embracing the festive spirit and going out more than ever before. So, hospitality, it’s time to get ready for even more Christmas punters and parties…

Friends and families are going to be excited to finally get to go out together for Christmas drinks and dinners, couples will enjoying the magical meals they couldn’t do last year, and workplaces will be organising even bigger and better Christmas parties to boost team morale.  And that’s before we’ve even got started on New Year’s Eve, which the nation will be celebrating with boundless enthusiasm (who doesn’t want to see the back of 2021?!).

We’ve put together a list of the must-have outdoor kit you need to make sure you’ve got everything covered to make this festive season go with a bang. Let’s take a look…

Outdoor drinking and dining this Christmas

To maximise your outdoor drinking and dining space (and your profits), you need to make sure you cover three core elements to keep your customers comfortable for outdoor drinking and dining this Christmas—shelter, heat, and light.

  1. Shelter

Shelters aren’t just for shading from the sun, they also protect your punters from the wind and rain in winter, as well as making your outside space look smart and sophisticated—and we have a range of pub and bar parasols to choose from.

But your real hero product of the season has to be the Elite Bistro Cube. The sides give added protection from the elements, and also give privacy to families and groups of friends.

  • Heat

The magic of Christmas might be wrapped up in dark nights and snow… but your customers won’t appreciate the winter wonderland vibe if they’re genuinely cold! Turn up the heat on your outdoor space to keep people toasty at your venue.

Our 3-Way Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater is your ideal heat solution. They heat up rapidly, they’re energy efficient, and they easily clamp on to any of our gazebos or parasols.

  • Light

Dark nights call for bright lights, so make sure your outside space is well-lit for the festive season. Our 3-Way LED Mains Lighting has been designed to attach to the centre pole of any of our parasols and instant shelters, as well as the Elite Bistro Cube.

We also offer a handy Rechargeable LED Strip Lighting & USB Charger Set, which is perfect if you don’t have access to mains power in all corners of your outdoor dining space. It requires no power at all, and once fully charged it lasts up to eight hours on full power, and up to 16 hours on half power.

NYE parties and festive events

If you’re hosting a private Christmas party, holding a festive event of your own, or throwing a big New Year’s Eve bash, we’ve got your essential outdoor events gear covered.

  1. Gazebos

Whether you’re serving up winter-warmer street food or running a mulled wine station outside, our high-quality catering gazebos are ideal for any hospitality event.

We also have a range of shelters in our compact range, which have been designed to be put up, taken down, and transported quickly and easily—perfect if you’re throwing one-off private parties. The Regal Shelter is also a firm festive favourite, adding a touch of luxury to your outside space. 

  • Custom printing

To really maximise your outdoor space, brand up your shelters, gazebos and parasols with our custom printing service.

It gives your venue a professional look, but it’s also an essential marketing tool, too—if your outdoor space is street-side, potential customers will get a sense of who you are when they’re passing, and your brand and logo will also be visible in photographs. After all, ‘tis the season of the selfie!

  • Personalised stations

You might want to set up an outdoor table for serving food or drinks, selling merchandise at an event, or as a sanitising station to help people feel comfortable about Covid-safety at people-packed Christmas celebrations.

Our Sanitising Station Table and Printed Cover can be customised so that it blends into your venue’s theme, and will help to give your customers peace of mind, so they can focus on the business of eating, drinking, socialising and being very merry this festive season.

If you’re looking to get your hospitality venue set for Christmas, browse our range of shelters, heating and lighting solutions today.

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