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Everything you need to know about inflatables for events

Everything you need to know about inflatables for events

Outdoor events are big news , particularly this year – with the end of Covid-19 restrictions in sight and the return of ‘normality’, 2022 events are set to be bigger and better than ever before.
If you’re planning an outdoor event, the chances are, you’re going to need high-quality, reliable and durable inflatables.
As one of the UK’s leading suppliers in premium inflatables for events, Surf & Turf has everything you need to make sure your inflatables are a cut above the rest. 
We supply inflatables for a wide range of events – from huge motorsport races and marathons to charity runs and corporate experiences. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our top-selling products:
Custom Inflatable Arch
For marathons, sporting events or charity fun runs, participants will finish in style with our Custom Inflatable Arch
These are also popular as inflatable entrances to all sorts of outdoor events, so it’s clear where your customers need to go, kicking off your event with your brand upfront from the start. 
Size is no issue – our standard options go up to 10m, but our fully bespoke service lets you choose your exact size, shape and colour, so you can make sure you’re fully on-brand and getting maximum exposure. 
If you’re running a one-off event, don’t worry – you don’t need to invest. Our inflatable arch hire means you can still use one of our best-selling arches, which will be delivered and collected when required. They come as standard with removable ‘START’ and ‘FINISH’ banners that velcro onto the arch, but these can also be customised for the specific event.
Inflatable Awning
The ultimate outdoor events staple, our Inflatable Awning will be at your side for years to come. It’s 100% waterproof and fully sealed, giving your customers somewhere to flock to if your event is hit with a downpour.
The Inflatable Awning is made with an extremely durable PVC tarpaulin framework, with polyester walls and outer cover, and the wall space means you have maximum surface area to showcase your brand. Multiple sizes, colours and printing options are available. 
Canopro Air Event Tent
Whatever the weather, your customers are guaranteed shelter with the Canopro Air Event Tent. These are the most advanced inflatable shelters on the market, using modern kite-surfing technology and ripstop Dacron material, delivering the most durable shelters that are both heavy-duty and super-lightweight.
With no rigid frame to worry about, these shelters also pack down neatly into a rucksack for easy transportation. 
Multiple design options let you choose size, colour, awnings, windows and arch doors, and if you’re running a big event then these versatile tents can be connected together to make a larger shelter.

Inflatable Spider Dome Pro 
The ultimate time-saver, the Inflatable Spider Dome Pro is the premium choice for a hassle-free event with maximum impact.
In just three minutes it leaps into life, and you’re good to go – it’s made with a durable tarpaulin, which offers significant stability, and has generous interior space. Plus, the contemporary design gives you an inflatable that stands out from the crowd. 
The Inflatable Spider Dome Pro is a popular choice for product stands and sign-up desks at sporting events, but its versatility lends itself to any outdoor event. 
And if it’s not quite big enough? Not a problem – you can go for the Spider Dome Expo XL instead. Custom sizes and designs are available, and the photographic sublimation printing means you’re guaranteed your business will be showcased as it deserves. 
Impact Cubes 
The Impact Cube is a contemporary and cost-effective alternative to the traditional shelter – it’s assembled in less than two minutes, and the fully customisable 600D polyester fabric walls make it ideal for showing off your brand. 
The Inflatable Light Tube is also a cool and creative way to promote your brand. This vibrant pillar includes LED lights and a built-in electric blower. Sizes range from 1m – 5m in height, and we print your personalised design using dye-sublimation. 
Battery Pumps
Of course, if you’re using inflatables, you’re going to need a battery pump. We offer two main options:
The premium Battery Pump is ideal for smaller inflatables when there’s no mains power available. It’s fully rechargeable, can be connected to a car battery, and is compatible with a wide range of our inflatables. 
The Bravo Mains Pump is the next level up. It has a 230V power supply, and the main motor and boost motor increase the pressure capacity, ensuring you have the power, reliability and durability required for large commercial inflatables.