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5 Unique Promotional Items to Boost Your Business

If you organise, plan or host events, you might well be dusting off your summer shelters and accessories and realising there’s stuff missing—or you could be evolving your events offering post-pandemic, playing into people’s appetite for new and exciting experiences.

And remember, promotion leads to profits—so whatever type of event you’re running this summer, getting your brand out there is essential to building your identity, attracting customers, and ultimately making sales.

We’ve rounded up five of the most unique must-have promotional items you need for events this summer:


1. Feed the need for nostalgia with deck chairs

Nothing quite says summer like kicking back in a deckchair on a hot day with a cold drink in hand. You could be creating an inner-city beach during the summer months, rocking retro vibes at an outdoor cinema, or just providing a VIP chillout zone at a festival or market—whatever your niche, the simple deckchair has become an integral part of many event professionals’ outdoor kit.

Made from 100% FSC certified wood, our deck chairs are built to last, and the heavyweight canvas is double-stitched for extra strength and long-term use. Our full colour custom printing service means that you can brand it up with your logo or design, and the canvas is interchangeable too—so it’s not only easy to remove and wash, but you can swap it out with another canvas for a different event, making it an uber-cool and extremely cost effective addition to your outdoor events gear.


2. Get 360-degree showcasing with valance wraps

Ideal for markets, festivals and exhibitions where there are busy crowds, valance wraps make sure you capture the attention of passers-by from every angle. They’re tailored to fit our instant shelters, easily wrapping around all four sides of your shelter, giving you the look of a fully-printed canopy—and our in-house design team can help you perfect your branding with our custom printing service, too.

Valance wraps are particularly popular with companies that run a wide variety of events, meaning you can swap them out depending on your event. They’re also a popular choice with people who only use shelters occasionally, as you can hire the shelter as and when you need it and attach your personalised valance wrap to pull in the punters.


3. Raise the roof with shelter kit banners

Uniquely designed by our in-house team at Surf & Turf, the shelter kite banner showcases your brand from inside your shelter by attaching to the underside of your shelter’s roof. It’s a great way to push consistent branding across an event—so while each individual shelter might be a different trader selling their own product or service, your kite banner can showcase the overarching event host or theme.

The shelter kite banner is also a popular choice with street food traders and pop-up bars—by printing the menu onto kite banners, you can ensure the customers queuing up can see what you have on offer and decide what to order, even if they’re not close to the front.


4. Keep it inviting with Canopro Angled Walls

If you’re exhibiting on a hot summer’s day at a festival or market, you going to want to keep your shelter open and inviting, not block off the line of sight to your awesome offering—that’s where the Canopro Angled Walls come in.

The angled walls are designed to give you maximum exposure while keeping your shelter open, and they’re fully-branded with either single or double-sided printing, expertly designed to attached to our Canopro shelter walls, so they’re easy to add and remove whenever you need.


5. Make an entrance with printed logo mats

Small details can make a big difference in business, and adding a printed mat to your entrance shows your customers that you want to welcome them inside. Yes, they serve a practical purpose too—they offer some dirt and dust control—but they also show people that you care about their experience of your brand.

You can print them up with whatever you want—it could be as simple as your logo and social media handles, or you could create something more creative for a one-off event or marketing campaign—and our in-house designers can advise you how to take your ideas and put it in the very best format for your custom printed mat.

The mats are made with the highest-quality commercial opt-twist nylon, are fully washable, come in seven sizes as standard, and the anti-slip nitrile rubber backing keeps it in place. Remember—first impressions last!