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Attention-grabbing accessories for summer events

Whether you’re hosting a big sporting or music event, or gearing up for a season of selling your products at markets, fairs and street food festivals, you’re going to need promotional signage and accessories to get noticed in busy crowds.

As the experts in advertising your brand from a distance, Surf & Turf has everything you need to draw in the punters at events, and even steal the attention away from your competitors. Here are our top seven tips to help you attract customers and make sales at events through summer:

1. Go big, bold and bright with your design
Your brand colours might be muted, and your brand style might be simple and understated—but if you want to make sales at a market or festival, you can’t blend into the crowd…

It’s simple: bold and bright will capture people’s attention, so make sure your promotional gear and accessories embrace colour. If your brand colours are already vibrant, that’s great, but if not, this could be the time you try a more intensified colour palate. Our team of custom printing experts can help you design personalised products that embody your brand and stand out from the crowd.

2. Be seen in the distance with Canopro Centre Peak Flags 
At busy events with big crowds, Canopro Centre Peak Flags help you grab the attention of people even from a distance, by attaching to the top of our best-selling Caponpro Elite and Canopro Lite range of shelters.

A specialist attachment enables you to fit the flag to the top of your shelter or gazebo, so you can be confident your customers will be able to see your location, even if they’re far away.

3.Use promotional flags to showcase your business
As one of the most popular ways showcase your business, promotional flags are:

  • lightweight and easily portable, which is vital if you’re transporting them around on the events scene
  • eye-catching in a breeze, making them attention-grabbing in any weather
  • affordable, typically costing less than other forms of signage

There are three main styles of promotional flag—Feather FlagsTeardrop Flags and Portrait Flags—and it’s a personal design choice which one you go for. Don’t forget your base units, which support your flags and keep them in position.

They can be easily assembled in a couple of minutes, and have been designed to sit on any ground, whether hard or soft—so don’t worry if you need promotional flags for a festival or sporting event, the base will still support it on grass. Available in three sizes.

4.Treat everyone like a paying customer
First impressions count, and that goes for customer service as well as your personalised branding

Events can be busy and chaotic, but engaging with a customer can have an amazing ripple effect, with happy customers spreading the word about your brand. Word of mouth is powerful on the events scene, to treat every passing visitor like a valued customer.

5.Get maximum exposure with sky banners and valance wraps
For maximum exposure, you don’t get bigger than our Sky Banners, which attach to the top of your gazebo or shelter. But although big, the innovative design means that it’s easy for one person to put it up and take it down, meaning you don’t have to wait for anyone else when you’re setting up.

Your customised banner can be printed either on PVC-coated or mesh material, and using the latest technology in UV printing means you can rely on high quality and rich and vibrant colours. Standard sizes fit our 3m x 3m shelters and 6m x 3m shelters, but bespoke sizes can also be ordered.

Want 360-degree showcasing? Our Valance Wraps are the answer. Tailored to fit any of our instant shelters, these banners give you the look of a fully printed canopy and easily wrap around all four sides of your shelter, so your customers can see you from every angle.

6.Create a buzz with freebies 
Signage is amazing for attracting attention, but consider creating a buzz around your brand by offering some freebies…

That doesn’t mean giving away expensive stuff, but if you’re operating a food stall perhaps you could give out tasters, or if you’re selling cosmetics maybe you could hand out some samples—freebies help to bring the people to your products.

7. Prepare for bad weather with rain gutters
You can’t count on great weather, but you can count on the right kit to help you keep the rain away from your shelters. Our elite PVC gazebo rain gutters attach between two or more shelters, preventing leaks and ensuring that water flows to the ends and away from you, your products and your customers.