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Winter Markets: Your Must-Have Shelters & Accessories

Winter markets are big business—and after a couple of Christmases with rules and restrictions, reports suggest that this year’s festivities are set to pull in more punters than ever before!


You could be a trader, getting ready to sell festive food and drink, Christmassy crafts, or something else altogether. Or maybe you’re a Town Planner, getting the wheels in motion for a huge winter wonderland event this December. Whatever your plans, now is the time to make sure you have all your shelters and accessories in place for the season ahead—and Surf and Turf has you covered.


We’ve rounded up your essential products for winter markets, so you can get your brand out there, maximise sales, and make this year’s winter market your biggest success yet.


Stay sheltered with the Canopro Shelter Range

Surf & Turf’s Canopro shelters are functional, dependable, and suit a wide range of winter markets and commercial events. Read on to discover which one is right for you…

The Canopro Lite
Our best-selling shelter in the range, the Canopro Lite is popular due to its strength-to-weight ratio—it’s manufactured from hexagonal aluminium, so it’s both strong and light, making it perfect for markets traders, where you’re transporting your shelter, putting it up and taking it down, time and time again.

There are various ways you can customise the Canopro Lite. It’s available in different sizes and colours, and there’s also the option of clear side walls—ideal for events when you want protection from the elements, but still want customers to be able to see what you’re selling.

The Canopro Elite
The Canopro Elite is our heavy-duty shelter option, made with high-quality anodised aluminium, delivering ultimate strength and protection—so this is your shelter if you’re running occasional outdoor events and want a premium product that will stand strong against the winter climate.

The PVC Canopro Elite is another hardy option. It’s been heat-welded to ensure full waterproofing, the material is easy to clean and can be jet washed, and the side walls come as a complete set, or can be purchased separately for maximum versatility.

The Canopro Elite Trader Package
Surf & Turf has listened to what events planners and market traders want from an events shelter, and the Canopro Elite Trader Package gives you a stripped back and simple shelter that’s quick to install and take at—at a more cost-effective price point.

It still delivers a high-quality anodized aluminium frame, but the walls are only available in solid panels (without doors and windows) so that they’re easy to fold for storage. We’ve also removed the PVC mud skirt, anchor kit, and the zips from the walls, and replaced them with a velcro system— which means it’s easy to put up in record time.


Heaters keep everyone warm in cold weather

Icy weather, snowy nights, and being wrapped up in a big coat, with a hat scarf and gloves… it may all be part of the magic of a winter wonderland, but it doesn’t work if people are actually freezing cold…

Turn up the heat on cold nights with Surf & Turf’s energy-efficient 3-Way Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater. Heating up rapidly, the clamp attaches to any of our shelters, including the Canopro range, so traders and customers will stay toasty at your winter market.


Light up your shelter on dark nights

The same goes for lighting—traders and customers need to be able to see clearly, so make sure your winter market is well-lit with Surf & Turf’s 3-Way LED Mains Lighting, which has been expertly designed to attach to the centre pole of any of our instant shelters.

We also offer a handy Rechargeable LED Strip Lighting & USB Charger Set, giving you a lighting solution if you can’t access mains power at your winter market. It requires no power at all, and once fully charged it lasts up to eight hours on full power (and up to 16 hours on half power).


Attract attention with promotional flags

Surf & Turf’s promotional flags are an amazing way to showcase your business from a distance, even in a crowded marketplace alongside numerous competitors. Why?

They’re eye-catching in a breeze (so bad weather isn’t bad for business), they’re lightweight and easy to transport (perfect for packing up and taking to different events), and they’re affordable too (typically costing less than other forms of signage). There are three main types of promotional flags to choose from:

Feather, Teardrop and Portrait Flags 
Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags are firm favourites for winter markets (whereas Portrait Flags are the most popular choice for indoor exhibitions). All of our Feather, Teardrop and Portrait Flags sit on a base unit and can be put up in a couple of minutes, and each comes available in three sizes.

Canopro Centre Peak Flags
Canopro Centre Peak Flags have been expertly designed to attach to our best-selling Capopro Elite and Canopro Lite shelters. A bespoke attachment lets you fit the flag on top of your shelter—so people will be able to see your location from afar.

Giant 5m Outdoor Flags
This Giant 5m Outdoor Flag is the ultimate way to be seen. It’s quick to set up, with the telescopic pole extending to just over 5m in height, and it easily folds down for effortless transportation and storage.


Surf & Turf’s Custom Printing Service

We’re passionate about personalised printing and with our in-house design & print studio, we are fully equipped to help you make your shelters and accessories completely unique.
So whether you want a table cover branded up with your logo, or a high-grade photographic image on your bespoke shelter, our printing experts will help you create a design that’s as unique as your business, so you’re guaranteed to make an impact at winter markets this year.