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Starting a Market Business?

Did you know that market trading was one of the fastest growing trends of 2021?

In fact, one study found that the number of outdoor market stall traders has increased by 92% since 2020—which makes markets the fastest growing industry of last year. So why is market trading so big right now?

While markets have always been a big part of British culture, its recent rise in popularity is due to the pandemic—when strict Covid-19 restrictions were in place, many indoor businesses (such as restaurants, bars and shops) had to pivot their business models to trade in the great outdoors, while existing market stalls experienced higher demand than ever before. The result?

The public has a renewed appreciation of outdoor events, and the trend for markets, street food stalls and outdoor festivals is here to stay. And if you’re ready to start your own market but are wondering where to start—Surf & Turf has you covered.

Here are five key things you need to think about if you’re going to set up a market business…

1. Invest your money wisely

Pop-up shelters and gazebos are the cost-effective way to make your mobile business thrive—and that means more money to put into your product and building your brand. To help you even further, Surf & Turf offers a 0% V12 Finance option, helping you get all the equipment you need to get your business off the ground.


2. Get maximum exposure with portable gazebos

Another big benefit of market trading? Your business is portable, and you can pack up and head to different locations and events all over the country, maximising your coverage and potential customers.

It’s why all of our shelters and pop-up gazebos are easy to put up, pack down and transport. The Canopro Compact Gazebos are up there in our most popular products—designed by our experts, they’re extremely light and compact, making them easy to slot into the boot of a car and effortless to carry from A to B.

And if you’re going further afield, our flight cases give you added protection for when you’re travelling abroad—perfect for motorsport teams, marketing companies, councils and exhibitors.


3. Carefully consider your shelter size

Choosing the right shelter is important, too. Remember: there’s more to consider than just what you’ll be selling that day—you need to consider such things as how much stock you’ll be storing underneath it, what equipment you’ll have (such as cooking equipment if you’re running a street food stall), and how many staff could be working under there at any one time.

Our 3m x 3m Canopro Lite shelter is one of the most popular sizes for market traders, along with the 6m x 3m Canopro Lite when more space is required.


4. Always be prepared for the weather

When you’re working the outdoor events scene in the UK, you can’t rely on amazing weather all year round, but you can count on the right kit to help you keep your business running smoothly, whatever the climate.

  • Get extra stability on windy days by anchoring your gazebo down with stackable weights.
  • Elite PVC gazebo rain gutters attach between two or more shelters, preventing leaks and ensuring that water flows to the ends and away from you, your products and your customers.
  • Rain Extenders also allow you to weather-proof your set-up by giving your customers shelter and diverting the water away from where you’re trading.
  • And don’t forget about heating and lighting—these elements are vital for you, your staff and your customers if you’re trading on dark days and cold nights throughout the winter months.


5. Stand out from the crowd with personalised printing

These days people are exposed to more brands than ever before. And while it means endless options for consumers, it also means that businesses, like yours, have to work even harder to stand out from their competition— especially if you’re on the events scene with lots of other businesses right next to yours.

That’s why Surf & Turf offers a personalised printing service, so you can not only showcase important information on your shelters, counters and covers (such as your company name, website and social media handles), but you can make sure your brand is as unique as your business.

Surf & Turf’s printing packages 

There are three personalised printing packages to choose from to help give you all the brand exposure you need: The Fully Printed Package is a great value-for-money ‘starter’ package, the Impact Package offers a more intensified finish, and the Instant Event Package steps it up another level and can include full-size photos to your shelters or accessories.