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TOP TIPS for keeping your shelter in peak condition

When you’re working the outdoor events scene in winter, you need shelters that will withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. It’s why all Surf & Turf shelters have been expertly designed and manufactured to stand strong, even if you’re unlucky enough to be caught out in a torrential downpour or find yourself up against high-force winds…

As the most popular range of shelters for market traders and outdoor events, our Canopro shelters have been designed with bad weather in mind. The PVC Canopro Elite gives you maximum strength, durability and versatility and has been heat-welded to ensure full waterproofing, the Canopro Elite is manufactured with high-quality anodised aluminium, delivering ultimate strength and protection, and the Canopro Lite is manufactured from hexagonal aluminium, making it simultaneously extremely strong and light—ideal if you’re putting up and taking down shelters regularly.

But however strong any shelters and gazebos are, it’s important to take good care of your kit to maximise its lifespan, so follow these top tips during winter to add years onto your shelter.



Sometimes you might not be able to avoid erecting your shelter in bad weather, but try to avoid putting it up when it’s raining, so that you’re protecting the frame and joints from exposure to lots of water (all our shelters can be put up and dismantled with ease within a few minutes should the weather change quickly).

Our shelters are heavy-duty and can stand strong against the elements, but they’re not permanent structures, and leaving them out for a long time in bad weather increases the chance of rain pooling or snow collecting on the canopy, which can put unnecessary weight on the frame. Where possible, put your shelter up and take it down if the winter weather is not on your side.



Most of our shelters come with a heavy-duty anchor kit. These attach the canopy and frame to soft ground, anchoring the structure down and helping to keeping it safe and avoid any damage to the frame. If you already have a shelter but it’s without an anchor-kit, don’t worry—these can be purchased individually too.

For added security, we also highly recommend that you use weights and a ground bar kit. You’ve got steel weights and ECO weights, made from recycled polymer, which slide onto the bottom of the frame’s leg and sit on the footplate. Both types of weights are also stackable, making it easy to use multiple weights on each leg of the frame, as well as compact for storage. Our sandbag leg weights are also hard-wearing if you want anchoring with a more budget-friendly option.



 When it’s time to pack up your shelter or gazebo, you can leave the canopy on for ease, but if you’re taking it off then patience will pay off—or it could catch on the joints and become punctured or torn. We supply neoprene joint covers for joint protection, alongside repair kits and replacement canopies, so if you do ever find a little hole or tear, we’ve got you covered.



If you’re using a shelter or gazebo in the UK winter, it’s inevitable that it’s going to get wet. All of our Surf & Turf shelters and gazebos are fully waterproof so they can withstand the rainy weather, but make sure you dry it before you pack it up and store it. This might not be possible at the end of an event when you’re packing up in the drizzle, and that’s okay—but if you’re storing it away for a long time and it’s damp, mould could appear, which is often difficult to remove…

It’s also important to note that the very first time you use a shelter during rainfall you might notice a tiny amount of water seep through the seams—don’t worry, this will only happen once, as the seams will swell and will prevent it happening after that.



If any part of your shelter becomes damaged or you’ve lost any parts, don’t panic! Replacing an entire shelter is costly, and it’s much better (both for the environment and your wallet) to repair the damage rather than replace the whole thing.

We hold full stock of any replacement parts you might need, and sell these at cost price, so you’re saving your hard-earned money to put back into your business. If you’re not sure if you need to repair or replace part of your shelter, our Surf & Turf shelter experts are always happy to help—just get in touch today.