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Promotional Printed Flags: Your FAQs – Answered

3rd May 2022

If you’re working the events scene, grabbing the attention of potential customers with promotional products is vital to the success of your business. But you’ve got less time than you might think… […]

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Compact shelters that easily fit in the boot of your car

29th March 2022

Compact shelters that easily fit in the boot of your car   Spring is in the air, and there’s already a buzz about events this year.  The pandemic had a huge […]

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Everything you need to know about inflatables for events

3rd March 2022

Everything you need to know about inflatables for events  Outdoor events are big news , particularly this year – with the end of Covid-19 restrictions in sight and the return of […]

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The history of Surf & Turf – and our exciting plans for 2022

26th January 2022

Surf & Turf is the UK’s leading supplier of custom shelters, gazebos, marquees and other branded outdoor products and accessories. Our products help to protect your business, staff and customers from all weathers […]

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5 top tips for exhibiting at outdoor events and markets this winter

22nd December 2021

Christmas markets and festivals are an amazing way to get your name out there and make those all-important sales. So if you run a small business that’s going be exhibiting […]

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Step into Christmas: Everything you need for festive get-togethers and NYE events

11th November 2021

After last year’s Christmas no-show, we’re ready to make Christmas 2021 the best one yet. Forget cosy nights inside by the fire—this Christmas is all about embracing the festive spirit […]

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Top tips: How to maximise your outdoor dining this festive season

20th October 2021

Winter’s a mixed bag for the hospitality industry, particularly this year. On one hand, you’ve got Christmas, which means a busy season of punters happy to splash the cash in […]

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Hospitality: How to weather-proof your outdoor space this autumn

14th September 2021

It’s not just called summer in Britain—we proudly hail it beer garden weather as soon as the sun comes out, flocking to drink pints outside pubs and eat dinner outside […]

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The gazebos and custom banners you need for outdoor sporting events

16th July 2021

If you’re an event organiser, you might be getting in the sporting spirit in a couple of ways over the next few months by hosting: Live outdoor sporting events Outdoor […]

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Hosting COVID-safe events in 2021: Here’s what you need to know

21st June 2021

The end of the UK lockdown is closer than ever, and with more than a year of Covid-19 restrictions behind us, everyone’s excited about the return of live events.  And […]

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