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Charities and Fundraising – Pop Up Stalls

24th February 2011

Here you can see a shot of one of our Heavy Duty 3m x 3m shelters being used by the hearing dogs for deaf people charity. Hearing Dogs For Deaf People is a national charity and centre of excellence in training hearing dogs to alert deaf people to everyday household sounds and danger signals in the home, workplace and public buildings. Many Charities realise the need to get out and about, whether it be exhibiting at county shows, school fetes, or organising fundraising events a digitally printed pop up stall from Surf & Turf is an ideal way of drawing in passers by and getting your message across to the general public. Whether its the entry level Heavy Duty Steel, ProTex2 or the flag ship ProTex1 grade, all of our pop up stalls are easily erected, light weight and easy to transport. A digitally printed pop up stall gives your charity a professional image and creates maximum visual impact, which in turn should increase your donations! Surf & Turf Instant Shelters have years of experience and have dealt with hundreads of charities, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.