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Creating An Event Marketing Plan For 2017

The New Year tends to bring a rush of new energy, but we prefer to make it last, and we suspect you do too. To maximise the impact of your presence at events over the next 12 months, it’s a good idea to shake up your marketing strategy, just in time for 2017 to announce itself. At Surf & Turf, we’re cracking the champagne open and drizzling it on your events plan, presenting a step-by-step course of action that’s sure to add sparkle to your event marketing: 1. Align your goals and budget Money talks, as they say, and your budget is the starting point that will determine what you’ve got play with. Exhibiting at events demands a huge investment of time and resources; your goals must therefore be as clear as possible to make the price justified. Are you readying a product launch? If so, you want an air of exclusivity with a few, select showcase events. Or you could be investing in interactive media, like display screens and tablet demonstrations of your software. These are expensive, so isolate what’ll have the most impact. 2. Organise your team In a perfect world, you’ll have a broad representation of specialists to man the stand, but this might not be doable. After drawing up your dream team, check everyone’s schedules, and solidify a group communications channel so you can keep in touch before, during and after each event. Add to your list as they give you feedback, and look into overnight accommodation, accessibility and how you’ll actually get your kit to the venues. 3. Order your shelter For a professional impression on your delegates, we recommend investing in an Instant Shelter from our full events selection. Standing in a plain cubicle – one that’s exactly the same as all the rest around it – doesn’t bode well for an unforgettable visitor experience. After you’ve landed on a model you like, it’s time to consider printing options. Surf & Turf has seen some incredible visual marketing material these last couple of decades. Our bespoke printing services can dress your shelter’s side walls, canopy and table cover in any branding you give us. 4. Factor in any extras Successful teams don’t rely solely on the basics to get their job done. Outdoor exhibitions, and those that have stiff competition, might necessitate a wider arsenal of tools and materials. To really draw people over to your stand, consider extras like promotional banners, flooring and inflatables. Our accessories are well worth any spare capital you might have, helping you reap the rewards on event day. Now that you’ve been given a push in the right direction, we bet your mind’s already whirring with possibilities! Pulling together your event marketing plan? Our experts are on hand to help. For more insights into how to turn heads at events, call 01925 819608 or email We’d be more than happy to help.