Introducing The ProTex Compact Instant Pop Up Shelter - Surf & Turf
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Introducing The ProTex Compact Instant Pop Up Shelter

24th March 2011

Surf & Turf Instant Shelters are pleased to announce the arrival of the revolutionary ProTex Compact Shelter. The ProTex Compact Shelter is based on the extremely popular ProTex2 grade of instant pop up shelters, yet it has been designed to fold down smaller than any other shelter on the market. Standing at just 102Cm’s the ProTex Compact Shelter can conveniently fit into the boot of most cars. This space saving shelter is ideal for people and companies with limited storage or transport space, for example:

  • Marketing companies sending staff into town centre locations
  • Emergency services who need every inch of space in their response or scene of crime vehicles
  • Traders and exhibitors who use small vehicles or are limited on storage space
  • Charity workers needing a space saving alternative to a regular Instant Shelter

If you are interested in the ProTex Compact shelter please contact the Instant Pop Up Shelter specialists Surf & Turf Instant Shelters Ltd.