Commercial Parasols

Commercial Parasols

Upgrade your outdoor space with our Commercial Parasols. Built for heavy-duty use, they feature marine-grade anodised aluminium poles and UV-protected, waterproof canopies. Custom print or choose from a variety of colours—all with a 2-year colour fade guarantee. Ideal for any setting.​

To create the perfect outdoor space for your customers – your ordinary parasol just won’t cut it.

What you need is a Commercial Parasol constructed with the finest materials.

All our parasols are heavy-duty and come with commercial use in mind. That’s why we used marine-grade anodised aluminium Poles and support beams.

A UV protecting and waterproof canopy. That can either be custom printed or one of many colour options. Any colour or branding option keeps to the highest quality dye sublimation methodology that has a 2-year colour fade guarantee.

The Canopy is a high-quality acrylic canvas that offers protection from both the sun and the rain.

We offer all types of Parasols that will be perfect to the setting and your needs.