• Surf Turf (98) yellow
  • Surf Turf (100)
  • Surf Turf (99)
  • Surf Turf (98) white
  • Table/Counter Cover
  • Surf Turf (98) teal
  • Surf Turf (98) red
  • Surf Turf (98) maroon
  • Surf Turf (98) light green
  • Surf Turf (98) green
  • Surf Turf (98) dark blue
  • Table/Counter Cover

Table/Counter Cover


A cost effective counter cover, designed to fit our range of Canopro Counters, perfect for market traders and exhibitors who need to add some colour to their trade stand. The counter cover also gives an excellent opportunity to store items under the counter, out of view of your customers.

Why not add your logo or text to the front of your cover?

Available in 1.5m or 3m Sizes
Available in 1.5m or 3m Sizes

If you order with a logo print, a member of our team will be in-touch with details