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A revolution in fabric signage.

REXframe® is the perfect tension frame solution for signage for events, exhibitions, conferences, retail, TV, stage and theatre sets.

Assembled using a simple connector system, made from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium and graphic panels from printed fabric. It can be custom designed or shaped to fit any space and is the most eco-friendly system on the market.

Designed for simple set up without tools or training. Add or remove framework sections and change fabric panels when branding/events change. There is a wide range of profiles to ensure complex or simple structures are easy to create and has the option for high powered LED lighting.

Seamless design and a truly eye catching display solution that is quick & easy to assemble as well as lightweight & cheap to transport.

Exhibition displays throughout Europe are migrating towards printed fabrics in stretch frames and it’s easy to see why.

  • Simple Connector Frame System
  • Quick & Easy To Assemble
  • Shaped To Fit Any Space
  • LED Back Lighting Available
  • Lightweight Transportation
  • Range of Accessories
  • Perfect For Retail Displays
  • 10 Year Warranty

Get in touch now for a quote and your own bespoke 3D Design.


Manufactured with simplicity in mind.

The sturdy aluminium frame is assembled using a simple connector system and has the option of high-powered LED lighting. The fabric prints have a rubber lip which is easily inserted into the frame. The elasticity of the fabric ensures a perfect fit.

The endless creative possibilities set the REXframe system above the rest.

Endless configurations.

Our range of accessories are what brings everything together, quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for a single-tool operation, cube corners or rigging points we’ve got you covered.

Bright, even coverage across your whole display.

Frontlit, backlit or sidelit, LED lights are the smart lighting choice, giving better results at a fraction of the energy cost. The 24-volt LED modules we supply simply clip into the frame and are easily removed when dismantling.


Simple solution everytime.

Contact us with your specific sizing & profile needs for a quote.

Our friendly sales team can help you with any additional requirements such as lighting & accessories.

Using existing or new artwork our specialist team of designers will help bring your ideas to life with our free of charge 3D design service.

With a global network of distributors, you can easily manage international rollouts for worldwide events and exhibitions.