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Transform Your Business With Custom Printing

You run a business, so you know the score—your branding isn’t just about looking good, it’s how you tell the world who you are, what you do, and why people should invest in your product or service. And one of the best ways you can do this is through personalised printing.

That’s why, here at Surf & Turf, we provide one of the biggest commercial branding and custom printing services in the UK, giving you all the personalised shelters and promotional accessories you need to market your brand and pull in the punters.

There are four major benefits to getting personal with your printing…


1. Separate yourself from your competition

People are exposed to more brands than ever before—great news for consumers, who have endless options, but it means businesses have to work even harder to stand out from their competition.

That’s why it’s vital your brand doesn’t blend in, especially if you’re on the events scene and are surrounded by other businesses offering something similar. Personalised printing helps you make your shelters and accessories shine—your branding deserves to be as unique as your business.


2. Share your brand values

Personalised printing not only makes you stand out—it’s a way of telling your customers what you stand for. Whether you’re a city centre hospitality business serving up chic cocktails or you’re a quirky street food vendor at a festival, the right branding can express your vibe, letting your customers know more about the experience you want to give them.


3. Inspire customers to invest in who you are

People want to see effort and integrity. Sure, that might sound a bit serious, but think about it—if you wanted to go to the bar at a motorsport event and one business was branded up with their company logo, artwork and social handles, and the other had plain shelters with no brand identity, which one is going to inspire you to part with your money?

Consumers are much more likely to care about and invest in your business if they can see that you care and that you’re committed to your business, and personalised printing does just that.


4. Bring customers back again and again…

Loyal customers not only keep coming back to your business, but they spread the word to friends and family too, helping your brand to grow organically. But customers can’t spread the word if they can’t direct people to your brand…

Make sure your printed parasols and accessories work extra hard by advertising your business information, such as your name, website, phone number and social media handles, so people can get to know your business even when they’re not there.


Surf & Turf’s Custom Printing Service

Passionate about personalised printing, we do all our custom printing at our in-house studio, and there are three main types: thermo press print, dye-sublimation, and traditional screen printing.

The range of techniques means we can easily work with any requirements or budget, whether you’re looking for simple text or a high-grade photographic image to be printed onto your shelter. But how do you know which one to choose?

Three Types of Printing Techniques…

Thermo Press Print: This technique is perfect for text and logo prints. Vinyl is printed, cut, and heat-pressed onto pre-stitched canopies. The method is low-cost, too, so thermo press printing is perfect if you’re on a budget.

Dye-Sublimation Print: Material is printed prior to stitching using the latest in dye-sublimation technology—it’s the perfect printing choice if you’re looking for a bold, high-impact design, as there are no limitations on colours or designs, and you can print full photographic images straight onto the material.

Traditional Screen Print: This is cost-effective for large orders due to the low print cost, but it has a higher set-up fee. Our in-house design team will work with you to bring your designs to life, to your exact specification.


Surf & Turf’s Printing Packages 

Not quite sure where to start? We’ve put together some personalised printing packages to help give you all the brand exposure you need.

The Fully Printed Package is a great value-for-money ‘starter’ package, the Impact Package offers a more intensified finish, and the Instant Event Package steps it up another level and can include full-size photos to your shelters or accessories.

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Our personalised printing is just that, personal, so create a bespoke package that’s as unique as your business and your brand.

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