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The latest blogs, news and advice from us to help you make sure you get the most out of your events!

Featured blog

How To Use Customised Prints Efficiently

5th September 2019

An exhibition requires spark. It doesn’t matter if thousands of attendees are marching through the event halls, if they don’t...

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Featured blog

Outdoor Wedding? How To Prepare For Your Big Day,

9th August 2019

People will call you brave, optimistic or simply crazy to have an outdoor wedding in the UK.   On paper,...

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How To Bootstrap Your Event Marketing Plan

16th May 2018

When looking at the budget for your event marketing plan, it may be tempting to simply cut down on costs by dropping certain types of promotion altogether. However, a reduction...

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How To Grow Your Green Event Plan

10th May 2018

Events are certainly exciting experiences, but in the midst of all the exhilaration, it can be easy to forget about your impact on the environment. Those coming to your stand...

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April Showers? Survive And Thrive With These Handy Tips

20th April 2018

April is supposed to be the month that heralds the start of spring – and with it beautiful sunshine. Anyone who lives in the UK, however, knows that this is...

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Must-Have Accessories For Motorsport Season

11th April 2018

When the mornings begin with sunlight spilling through the windows, many of us start looking forward to summertime. For racing fans and petrolheads, this is a particularly exciting time of...

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Spring To Action: Introducing Our New Parasol Range

2nd April 2018

Smell that? It’s the sweet scent of spring, as welcoming as that of a home-cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning. With spring comes sun, and with sun comes a wide...

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