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The latest blogs, news and advice from us to help you make sure you get the most out of your events!

Featured blog

How To Use Customised Prints Efficiently

5th September 2019

An exhibition requires spark. It doesn’t matter if thousands of attendees are marching through the event halls, if they don’t...

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Featured blog

Outdoor Wedding? How To Prepare For Your Big Day,

9th August 2019

People will call you brave, optimistic or simply crazy to have an outdoor wedding in the UK.   On paper,...

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Shopping For A Shelter On A Budget

22nd November 2017

At some point or another, every company feels the pull of an exhibitor role. But to mingle with the brightest stars in your industry, you need the best facilities. With...

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How To Perfect Your Motorsport Paddock

6th November 2017

Behind every racing champion is a talented team. For every Sebastien Loeb, Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi, there’s a set of dexterous hands at work, building and maintaining the vehicles...

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It’s A Wrap: Everything You Need To Know About Valance Wrap Banners

20th October 2017

At Surf & Turf, we’re used to hearing people talk about a ‘wraparound marketing strategy’ – that is, the desire for rounded, complementary branding that forms something customers can relate...

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Forget The Wet: Tools To Help You Survive Rainy Season

6th October 2017

Drip, splash, squelch. This trio of soggy sounds are ubiquitous in British autumn. The heavens can open for days at a time, meaning we have to find ways to deal...

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The Secret To A Successful Sports Stall

27th September 2017

Goal! Hole in one! Slam dunk! These are the exclamations you could be teeing off at a fantastic exhibition. The challenge is finding a stall that shows what your brand...

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